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Regain your self-esteem and confidence now through better self-knowledge, personal development exercises and attentive listening.


Reach your goals faster and easily. Whether they are related to the vision of your life or your business, your perception of yourself or your body, your relationship with money or any other aspect, I can help you remove the blockages that prevent you from having the right mindset to achieve your goals.


Not sure you’re in the right place? Determine what your strengths are, target your ambitions and discover the path to achieving professional success today.


Do you have worries but don’t know how to silence the negative voices in you? Do you feel lost? Take back control of your life with a coach who will channel your strengths, help you refocus and feel fulfilled.

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Who is Janie Latendresse

During my career, I have had the chance to work on large-scale projects and help several entrepreneurs, artists and professionals to develop their vision and build their dreams. I chose to become a certified life coach because I wanted to continue to develop my innate ability to see the strengths and abilities of others around me. I love to use my experiences, my intuition, my leadership and my ability to solve problems to enable my clients to find success in all areas of their life.

Why I became a life coach

I firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to realize themselves to their full potential. Each individual is unique and I like to identify the skills, strengths and passions of my clients in order to motivate them to achieve their vision of a fulfilled life. I want the people I work with to achieve their goals, so I work with them to develop different practices to create a healthy mindset, self-confidence, and fulfillment.

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Listening and support
Establishing your creative process


Bring out your strengths and develop self-esteem


Evaluation of results and future path


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I had the privilege of being coached by Janie. I can't say enough about what an amazing person she is. Janie is supportive, kind and creates a safe space for you to grow and share. If you need guidance in your personal or professional life Janie is an amazing person to help you navigate and find clarity on your next steps. I would highly recommend working with Janie! Thank you so much for everything Janie !!
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I can only recommend Janie! The fact that she quickly put me in confidence and her expertise made our sessions very enriching. I come away from each of them energized and motivated and with the feeling of having taken a step forward.
Amal B.
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“I had the pleasure of working with Janie on many personal topics, and with each session with her, I gained a lot of clarity about my emotions, my beliefs and the lessons to be learned from each situation. Personally I find Janie to be very talented in her coaching work, and more particularly in Thetahealing. His evolved intuition is just amazing. Being very analytical myself, Janie has always surprised me by bringing a new perspective to my areas of concern, which has helped me enormously to overcome certain "patterns", which tired me emotionally, effectively and with a lot. ease. Janie has excellent listening skills and a caring presence, which helped me from the very first time to feel comfortable sharing deep thoughts with her without feeling judged or misunderstood. and that for me is super important! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for personal or spiritual development. She's just excellent! "
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Janie has amazing abilities. She is empathetic, knowledgeable and non-judgemental. Her energy makes me feel safe to open myself to healing. I trust in her completely to guide me. Our sessions have helped me feel at home in myself and I am so grateful for this experience with her.
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My experience with Janie was extraordinary! She knew how to guide me in my personal journey while being flexible in her approach. Janie helped me approach several important areas in a fluid and natural way while listening to my needs. I loved this process.
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I went to see Janie after my separation. I had tried all my tools and believe me I have several. I have been working on my personal growth for several years. In short, I needed a guide and I chose Janie. She has a different approach to what I used to know and for me it works Janie is listening, going or it hurts, but very gently. She knew how to bring me where I needed to change certain blockages that were preventing me from having the life I always dreamed of. I feel more confident, I listen more and more to my inner voice and several outer changes are happening as if by magic. My relationship with my daughter is improving. I recommend it to you: to try it is to adopt it Thank you Janie you are a being filled with love and non-judgment. You are a beautiful soul that I can totally trust.
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Janie and i started our journey together at the most perfect time, when i did not realize how much i needed her yet, but instantly after our first session knew it was exactly what i needed in order to unlock the door which lead to living my most authentic life. she has a way of making you immediately feel comfortable, listened to and ready to guide you through both the challenging and fun aspects of each session. she made me realize things about myself in this life; which were blocking me from achieving my life purpose, truly finding happiness within myself and what i seek. i can say without any hesitation, if you are willing to be open and connected, the results can happen quite quickly. be ready to live and love your best life!

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